Free QR Code online Scanner is now powered by popular Codex QR app

As digital interactions continue to evolve, QR codes bridge the gap between the physical and online worlds. Recognizing the importance of a dependable tool to interpret these codes, Codex QR, previously esteemed for its universally available app, has now launched its free online QR Code scanner.

Dive into A Seamless Online Experience

Codex QR, with its celebrated history of offering a robust app across all major platforms, has now ventured into the domain of online scanning. This new tool is not just an online QR code scanner but also serves as an efficient QR code reader, accommodating users who prefer scanning directly via their desktops without the need for additional downloads.

Codex QR online QR Code scanner Screenshot

Why is the Ultimate Choice?

  • Rich Legacy: Building on the trust and reliability of the popular Codex QR app, the online scanner and reader provide a seamless experience.
  • Universal Compatibility: Whether you're on Windows, iOS, or Android, access the tool from any browser. Plus, it's optimized for both internal and external webcams, ensuring maximum flexibility.
  • Safe and Privacy-focused: Built with safety as a top priority, you can scan everything without the fear of compromising your personal data or encountering malicious links. Codex QR's commitment to user privacy ensures that your scans remain confidential, and no data is stored or shared without your explicit consent.
  • Free and Intuitive: Avoid the clutter of paid subscriptions and cumbersome platforms. Codex QR’s online tool is user-friendly and, best of all, free!

Codex QR remains at the forefront of QR technology. By merging the strengths of its app with the accessibility of an online platform, it reiterates its dedication to technological evolution and user convenience. If you're keen on a hassle-free QR scanning and reading experience, look no further than


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